Day 10 & 11 – The Panama Canal


We spent a lazy day on the ship, as we are full speed ahead for the Panama Canal.  Whoa.  My Bucket List Runneth Over!  I have always been intrigued by this man-made phenomena, and know I am going to see it first hand.  No PBS documentary for me – it’s a full sail day across the Isthmus of Panama and I don’t want to miss a moment.

Yesterday I attended another Beyond the Podium lecture by our intrepid Arctic explorer.  The first two lectures were fascinating and extremely motivating.  I was ready to volunteer for the next expedition – who cares it will be 20 degrees below zero – on a good day!  But the last two lectures haven’t thrilled me as much.

This lecture was about a dogsled trip she took across Greenland.  It was not an exploration by any means – she hired a guide for she and her husband.  Not that doesn’t beat a trip to the outlet stores at Lincoln City, Oregon!  But she was reaching here to bill this as a mighty exploration adventure.  There was one humorous situation.  After their dog sled trip, they couldn’t leave due to bad weather.  Before they left, they were able to witness a 20 team dog sled race, which is a pretty prestigious race in this neck of the woods. Continue reading “Day 10 & 11 – The Panama Canal”

Day 8 – Sea Day and the Magic of Dolphins


Today was a day at sea while we are steaming 550 nautical miles towards the Equator and Ecuador.  I woke up feeling ever so much better today.  The sun was shining and the water was sparkling blue.  I couldn’t tell looking out the porthole how warm it was, but it looked pretty darned wonderful.  George and Emma were both still in slumberland.  I put on my gym clothes and made the trek to the top of the ship.

I was going to head for the gym, but when I popped out by the pool, it was so warm and lovely that I decided to walk the track.  It was about 7:30 a.m. and already there were a number of people sunbathing.  Mostly the old prunes, I mean aged sun-lovers, the same group who always seem to be there.  Maybe they sleep there – or they died on the first day and nobody has noticed yet.  If I was a pool attendant, I’d sure pretend not to notice.

Everybody was smiling broadly, and I thought this was an awfully jolly group.  Then I quickly checked to make sure there wasn’t a stream of toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants.  Last time I saw smiles this happy, I had a big streamer of Charmin’ following me. Continue reading “Day 8 – Sea Day and the Magic of Dolphins”