Day 15 – Do I hear Funeral Music?

The ship steamed towards Florida all night, and we awoke to our final destination – back in the USA.  Darn.

Yesterday was a jam packed day, so I had started packing the day before.  I’m not good with goodbyes, whether it is kissing one of my kid’s goodbye as they drive away with their family or realizing that my fantasy vacation is once again ending.

I love my family, I love my children, and oh my – how I love to travel.  George is always ready to head back to Oregon.  His dream vacation lasts around a week.  This was a little over two weeks, so Teddy Roosevelt is ready to cry “Charge” and head back home.  His souvenir panama hat planted his head, safari shirt, shorts and black dress socks and shoes.  He is dressed and ready to go.  I, on the other hand, am eyeballing the next ship to see if there is a stowaway spot. Continue reading “Day 15 – Do I hear Funeral Music?”